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This site was started to provide information about multiple personality (multiplicity, plurality) to the general public through blogging and podcasts. This is a project of Plural Activism, an ad hoc group devoted to normalizing the idea of multiplicity and dispelling myths. Please join our discussion at our Yahoo! plural_activism forum.

If you, or someone you know, has any questions at all regarding multiple personalities / being multiple / plural. We would love the opportunity to share. Leave a comment on this blog, write to, or call us at 720-258-6269 with any comments.

In the mean time, please peruse our past blogs and podcasts and be sure to subscribe for our  future ones.  If you would be interested in being interviewed for future podcasts, be sure to let us know!

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Thanks much and hope to talk with you soon.

Jazz Abbottlane & the whole gang at Multiplicity 101

Many Minds... One Body, Venn-diagram symbol
Many Minds… One Body. Feel free to use this symbol wherever you like.

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