Multiplicity 101 Podcast #5 – Monokrom

With Episode 5, members of the The Feathers take over all hosting and production of the podcast. As always it’s devoted to straight talk about changing perceptions of plurality/multiplicity (multiple personality). You will hear two voices — two tracks recorded by two people co-existing in one body. Learn about systems and switching, WikiPlural, ( and terminology.
Artist Jim Bunkelman, a singlet friend, describes life with his beloved Rhonda& and the manypeople of her group. (see them at At Rhonda&’s untimely death in 2012, members of Burning Man gathered to create a unique tribute in memory of a unique community of people… all coexisting within one body.

The second half of the program features Monokrom, a group who have many Youtube videos on their experience being plural.

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The transcript follows below.

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