Multiplicity 101 Podcast #6 – Article in ‘Vice’: Other Worlds: Interview with Plures House

In episode 6, members of The Feathers discuss “Are Multiple Personalities Always a Disorder?”, an article by Tori Telfer that appeared on May 11, 2015 at (Read it at

The podcast will also begin to cover controversial subjects including the secret other worlds of multiples. Another controversy surrounds the words “multiple personality” — a phrase that is problematic and offensive to many groups, although remaining the most recognizable to outsiders. The second half of the show is dedicated to an interview with Yavari and Kerry of Plures House. Learn more about their group and philosophies on their website at As always, your questions and comments are welcome at Support us by buying our stuff at our Cafepress Store, Plural Pride ( – and come join us on Yahoo Groups Plural_Activism discussion!

The transcript follows below.

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